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blended families
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How Can Blended Families Use Estate Planning to Protect All of the Siblings?

No matter how solid the relationships might be, it is important for parents to be aware how blended families can create unique estate planning issues.

Estate Planning

What You Should Never, Ever, Include in Your Will

A last will and testament is a straightforward estate planning tool, used to determine the beneficiaries of your assets when you die, and, if you have minor children, nominating a guardian who will raise your children. Wills can be very specific but can’t enforce all of your wishes. For example, if you want to leave…

Elder Law

What Do I Need to Know as a Caregiver for the Elderly?

Many people transitioning into an elderly life start to require assistance in their everyday lives, especially if they suffer from a chronic or end-of-life medical condition. They need help for tasks, including bathing and eating.

Estate Planning

How Can I Easily Pass My Home to My Only Child?

I am a single retired parent to an adult daughter, who is an only child. The home I currently reside for the last 26 years still has a mortgage and the deed is in my name only. I have a will that states everything is left to my daughter, and then to my grandson, if she proceeds me in death. Should my daughter be added to the deed?

Estate Planning

SECURE Act has Changed Special Needs Planning

An applicable multi-beneficiary trust can solve some–but not all–of the challenges that the new act presents.

personalized estate plan
Estate Planning

Estate Planning Is Best When Personalized

When something is tailored to one’s needs, everything can go smoother.

Estate Planning

Will I Get A Bill as My Inheritance?

Debts, just like assets, are considered part of a person’s estate. When that person passes away, their estate is responsible for paying any and all remaining debts. The money to pay those debts comes from the asset side of the estate.

simle will
Estate Planning

What Do I Need to Know about Creating a Will?

Creating a will is one of the most basic elements of estate planning. There are different types of wills you can choose from, including a simple will.

Estate Planning

The Most Common Myths about COVID Vaccine

The first vaccine to fight COVID-19 has been authorized for emergency use by the federal government — a move that could slow the spread of coronavirus and help bring an end to the pandemic — and another candidate is right behind it in the process.

Estate Planning

Is the Pandemic Motivating People to Do Estate Planning?

Lack of understanding around estate planning may be leading Americans to avoid getting a will, even as interest is on the rise due to the global pandemic, according to a new survey from financial services leader Policygenius.