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nontraditional families
Estate Planning

Planning Future for Nontraditional Families

Some people are concerned that the new conservative 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court will roll back protections for non-traditional families. Regardless of the decisions at the Supreme Court, or the impact on the state family courts, there are many ways that non-traditional families can maintain control.

will and trust
Estate Planning

How to Manage a Will and Trust

By definition, a Will accounts for a person’s wishes of how their assets and estate should be distributed and handled once they die. It spells out who should get what and who should do what, after the benefactor’s demise.

living trust
Estate Planning

Should I Use a Living Trust in Estate Planning?

I understand that most people don’t need a living trust because probate is simple in the state, but can having a living trust save you time or money?

generation skipping transfer tax
Estate Planning

How Does the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Work in Estate Planning?

Estate planning can help you pass on assets to your heirs, while potentially minimizing taxes. When gifting assets, it’s important to consider when and how the generation-skipping tax transfer (GSTT) may apply.

medicaid estate recovery
Elder Law

Should I Worry about Medicaid Estate Recovery?

Medicare is designed to help pay for healthcare costs for seniors once they turn 65. While it covers a number of healthcare expenses, it doesn’t apply to costs associated with long-term care in a nursing home.

Estate Planning

Can You Be Forced to Inherit a Timeshare?

Many timeshare contracts include a perpetuity clause, which means the contract and all its fees and obligations are yours for life. It may not end there.

power of attorney
Elder Law

When Does a Power of Attorney Fail to Do Its Job?

Every estate plan should have a power of attorney, in which you give one or more people authority to act as agents on your behalf when you aren’t able to.

new administration
Estate Planning

Does an Estate Plan Need to Change because of the New Administration?

Now that there is a Democratic majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, estate and gift tax law changes are expected to occur in 2021 or 2022.

Estate Planning

How Do You Plan for the Death of a Spouse?

Beneficiary designations, tying up loose ends, reporting last wishes—here’s what you can do now.

per stirpes
Estate Planning

What’s the Difference between Per Stirpes vs. Per Capita in Estate Planning?

Here’s a closer look at what per stirpes vs. per capita means.