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second marriage
Estate Planning

What Is Fair in a Second Marriage and Estate Planning?

If you are planning to take another walk down the aisle, it is critical to take the time to review and revise your estate plan, especially if meaningful assets and debts are being brought into the marriage.

Estate Planning

Why Do I Need a Will?

A will is a legal document, governed by the laws of each state, written to guarantee that your possessions will be left upon your death to the people or organizations you specify.

Estate Planning

What Paperwork Is Needed after Someone Dies?

While the tasks of dealing with an estate after someone passes may be simple administration, the work associated with it is often quite complicated.

revocable trust
Estate Planning

Should a Revocable Trust Be Part of My Estate Plan?

What are the advantages of putting assets into a trust?

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Lessons from Celebrity Nightmares

The press has made much of the handwritten will that Larry King executed in the months before he died and in which he purports to change his prior will executed in 2015, to leave his estate equally between his children.

power of attorney
Estate Planning

Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

You don’t actually appoint someone power of attorney (POA). A POA is a document that you execute that allows someone to act on your behalf.

special needs trust
Estate Planning

How Do Special Needs Trusts Work?

Just as you have trust in a relationship, trusting your document and those with responsibilities in the trust are crucial to obtaining your objectives.

power of attorney
Elder Law

Why Won’t IRS and Social Security Administration Like My Power of Attorney?

Every estate plan should have a power of attorney, in which you give one or more people authority to act as agents on your behalf, when you aren’t able to. Every estate planner and guide to estate planning will tell you that. What few will tell you is there are at least two important instances when the power of attorney (POA) won’t be recognized and followed.

need a will
Estate Planning

Remind Me Why I Need a Will

A will is a legal document that allows you to decide what happens with your estate after you passed away. Unfortunately, not all people consider creating one because they think that it’s complicated and just an extra expense.

living trust
Estate Planning

Why Would I Need a Living Trust?

Have you made any plans to distribute your assets and take care of your family, when you die or become incapacitated?