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long-term care
Elder Law

Can I Get a Tax Break for Long-Term Care?

The IRS allows some limited tax breaks on medical expenses and insurance premiums related to long-term care.

irrevocable trust
Elder Law

How can I Revoke an Irrevocable Trust?

I feel I was taken advantage of to the tune of $3,500, when I set up a trust.

power of attorney
Elder Law

Why Won’t IRS and Social Security Administration Like My Power of Attorney?

Every estate plan should have a power of attorney, in which you give one or more people authority to act as agents on your behalf, when you aren’t able to. Every estate planner and guide to estate planning will tell you that. What few will tell you is there are at least two important instances when the power of attorney (POA) won’t be recognized and followed.

living will
Elder Law

What’s a Living Will?

A living will is a legal document that allows you to specify the kind of care you’d like to receive in end-of-life situations. This is different from an advance healthcare directive, though either one can be an important part of an estate plan.

health care
Elder Law

How to Prepare for Health Care Costs in Retirement

There is a simple and unsettling reality in the United States. Many Americans don’t feel financially prepared for health care costs in retirement.

medicaid estate recovery
Elder Law

Should I Worry about Medicaid Estate Recovery?

Medicare is designed to help pay for healthcare costs for seniors once they turn 65. While it covers a number of healthcare expenses, it doesn’t apply to costs associated with long-term care in a nursing home.

power of attorney
Elder Law

When Does a Power of Attorney Fail to Do Its Job?

Every estate plan should have a power of attorney, in which you give one or more people authority to act as agents on your behalf when you aren’t able to.

end-of-life care
Elder Law

What Do I Need to Know about End-of-Life Care?

Unfortunately, only about a third of U.S. adults had an advance directive in recent years, according to one research analysis.

Elder Law

The Difference between Power of Attorney and Guardianship for Elderly Parents

The difference between power of attorney and guardianship is a common question asked by adult children. Both roles share a duty to provide care and oversight of medical care and health.

nursing home
Elder Law

Protect Your Estate from Nursing Home Costs

No one wants a nursing home but the longer we live, the higher the chance we may need a nursing home at the end of life.